Medicines Use Review

If you take two or more prescription medicines, the free NHS Medicines Use Review Service enables you to a consultation ensuring that you are taking your medicines as prescribed at Links Pharmacy.

Why would you need a Medicines Use Review?

It is important to ensure that the medicines you have been prescribed are managing your long-term condition appropriately and the review allows you to discuss your treatment with the pharmacist.

What is a Medicines Use Review?

This is a free NHS service available at Links Pharmacy.  It allows you to discuss your medication with the pharmacist and learn more about how they work and the best way to take them.

How it Works

  1. Enquire in the pharmacy to see if you are eligible for the service or the pharmacy team will advise if a consultation is possible
  2. Have a 10-15 minute consultation with the pharmacist if you are eligible for the service
  3. The pharmacy team will contact your GP if any problems arise